Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to FIX: AEM bundles going to Installed State

System Bundles going to Installed State | AEM Bundles not Starting

Many a times while working with AEM we find various errors related to bundles.Bundles or JAR files forms the backbone of AEM. When these bundles goes o installed state they give rise to
issues like 403 forbidden errors, 500 internal server errors or sometimes errorsrelated and not
limited to ACS Commons or DAM.

Sometimes it is very dificult to find as to why AEM bundles are going to installed state.
The reason being that various operations can cause your bundles to go to installed state.

Adobe has given us a HOTFIX for this issue.
"AEM bundles going to installed sate" HOTFIX comes in the form of a small JAR file.
he AEM bundle hotfix comes in the form of org.eclipse.equinox.region jar file.

Ok enough TALKING... Gimme the SOLUTION Please..!!!!

Solution 1:

If you have tried other ways and just couldn't get it working and still see various AEM system
bundles in installed state then try to install this JAR into your Felix console /system/console/bundles.

JAR Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3gwHkSOERmZRlZNQzZUMEFoUzQ

This is a good fix which works most of the time. Also trying this solution will not hurt.You can
always delete the bundle if it didn't do the job.

AEM will refresh all the bundles. So please wait 5 minutes after installing the Equinox HOTFIX.

Solution 2:

For AEM version 6.1 only.

If the above method didn't resolve your problem then try to remove equinox related JAR file.
Look for a bundle with this name "Region Digraph(org.eclipse.equinox.region)"

Now remove this bundle. Also remove the bundle you installed in Solution 1 if necessary.
Long story short, there should not be any equinox jars installed.

Why this Happens?

According to Adobe the equinox eclipse bundle has some dependency with eclipse and should not be in AEM6.1, it was meant for AEM version 6.2. But this bundle got introduced in this version.

Other Version of Jar file:
1. http://www.java2s.com/Code/Jar/o/Downloadorgeclipseequinoxregion110v201205221841jar.htm